Sunday, August 19, 2012

Dumping the memory of a process: easy recipe

Hi folks,

Though I promised an article dealing with adding free space to an existing section inside a PE, this little one will discuss with the dump of a process, eg. getting its memory content to save it in a file for a further analysis.

It can consist of several steps:
  • Listing every threads (quite important);
  • Suspending each thread so the memory will remain untouched while we dump the process;
  • Reading the memory;
  • Writing it into a file;
  • Resuming the suspended threads as if nothing happened.
Quite easy actually. A source code can to the whole stuff for you, using documented API and undocumented ones as well.

And I was meant to write a proof-of-concept for anyone that you may find here:

I'm pretty sure that the source code is clear enough but feel free to drop a feedback if wanted!

Thanks go out to 0verclok for his feedbacks. :-)


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