Thursday, August 2, 2012

PE binaries modification, toward a library and a set of useful tools

Hi folks,

Sure it's been a while since I have not posted any blog entry. I was actually quite busy because of the studies and the like (mainly the studies I guess... Forced to learn Java, xml & other undesirable stuff).

A year after here is a post that deals with the portable executable file format. In fact I was quite pleased by R4ndom's blog: Modifying Binaries: The Never Ending Program. It reminded me an old work that was relinquished in the inners of my external hard drive (lol): a beginning of a library that let you deal with the portable executable file format.

Sure it might not handle corkami's tricky files, but it might help in the case of R4ndom's need: creating, for example, a cave of free space to add opcodes/data/anything you want.

The beginning of my library can be found here:, so help yourself as well. :-)

If you are quite interested in such a project, if you have already started your own one etc. feel free to get in touch with me so we could work together on it.

I unfortunately have a limited availability to both write a complete blog entry and release a relevant little tool that might be considered as a proof-of-concept of appending editable bytes into a pe binary. In addition of creating another blog entry, I will see how I could broadcast the tool (I actually cannot access my ftps since I am currently not located in France...).

Suggestions about all that stuff are obviously welcome.

Catch up later on this blog! In between stay in touch on twitter...


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